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June 2008
Since it has been a very long time since there has been an update I would like to share what has been happening since In Shining Armor passed his inspection in the fall of 2006.

In the spring of 2007 Dean Kucey rode "Thatcher" and continued his education. Dean showed him in the stallion parade at the 2nd annual Irish Extravaganza. Since Dean is busy riding and starting the young horses Kyle King showed Thatcher in the August shows at Thunderbird for us.

Thatcher went from no formal jumping to jumping in the baby ring and finishing up in the 3'6" all within 3 weeks. Although the big ring was overwhelming for him Kyle had decided that becasue he was only in town for this time Thatcher would learn from the experience in the big ring more than the smaller rings. Showing was a good experience and Thatcher showed us that he could show and hang out with the rest of the horses.

Foaled 2008 Foaled 2008
by Thatcher out of Elizabeth
By Thatcherout of Dilithium Crystal
The foals of 2007 were once again of good quality. 2008 arrived and now we are half way through the year. This year Thatcher had 2 perfect fillies. The one filly has been sold but the other filly belongs to Nadine Denis out of her warmblood mare. "Kilby" is for sale so look for details on the sales page.

I also have been riding Thatcher this year and I am hoping in the fall I will be brave enough to compete. With a little help from Chelan Kozak I figure we will actually make it!!!

Thatcher will be available by frozen semen only.

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About Westglen Farm

Westglen Farm is a small farm in South Langley that primarily breeds Irish Sport Horses. We stand our Irish Draught Stallion, In Shining Armor, to a limited number of outside mares. Frozen semen is available for Silver Granite, RID

As well as breeding on a very small scale we are involved in the horse industry in other aspects. My husband, Bill, trains racehorses at Hastings Park as well doing custom leather work and repairs at Stampede Tack. We will sometimes have off the track thoroughbreds for sale.

Our son, Billy, enjoys riding his pony, helping with the foals and vaulting.

Myself, I have evented and show jumped and plan to get back competition soon. I have also been involved with Stampede Tack throughout the years. I also co-ordinate Classical Dressage Clinics with Marji Armstrong as well as the occasional jumping clinic with various clinicians. I have also fell in love with the Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse and hope that one day everyone will have the opportunity to meet one.

Welcome to Westglen Farm's Web site. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. We are happy to answer them all.


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